Dean butler
He didn't appear on Anime-Wedding Peach. He is a manga original character. I made his episode as the last extra, to give Scarlet her boyfriend.^_^
When I saw you playing the part of Angel,  I've fallen in love with you on the spot, and......
He is an American, a friend of Scarlet from elementary school. (In manga, Scarlet had been in America in her childhood. ) He had loved Scarlet since 4 years ago(When he saw her playing the part of Angel at Christmas play....), he came to Japan to see her. And--- at last, he got her! Happily ever after.*laugh*

His name is Dean Battler. At first, I named him "Rhett Battler". As you know, it came from "Gone with Wind". But in Japanese, "Retto(Rhett)" and "Sucaaretto(Scarlet)" , they have the same sound "retto". So I changed his given name.
In anime(OVA Vol.2), Scarlet's lover is...was Clark Oasis. He was a extremely rich and famous man, but his true identity was.... This is a story of tragic love. So...Scarlet is still single!