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Wedding Peach Momoko Box :KSXA23904 \20,000
Episodes 1-17 of the TV series
"Ai Tenshi RoboWedding Peach"
(The short story which was bonus of LDBOX#1,)
The materials collection vol.1
First OP and ED without credits.
If you want to know more detail about "Ai Tenshi Robo", visit The TechnoGirls Wedding Peach Page

Wedding Peach Hinagiku Box :KSXA23905 \20,000
Episodes 18-34 of the TV series plus as bonus footage
"Ai Tenshi Sentai"

(The short story which was bonus of LDBOX#2,)
The materials collection vol.2
Second OP and ED without credits.

Wedding Peach Yuri Box : KSXA23906 \20,000
Episodes 35-51 of the TV series and bonus footage.
Bonus footage: FURIL's promotion video,
Love message from New FRIL,
A talk of Anime Staff & Casts,
Wedding Peach CF
(they are the same as LDBOX's bonus )
The materials collection vol.3

Wedding Peach Sarubia(Salvia) Box : KSXA23907 \16,000
Wedding Peach DX (OAV) Episodes 1-4
The materials collection vol.4
Music clip Wedding Peach Festival
Summer Angel in '96
Winter Dream Rave
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More Information and images( KSS' homepage / Japanese, but with many images)


Angel Potamos Ai Tenshi Sentai Saigo no Tatakai
The Fifth Love Angel !?
Potamosu appeared at this bonus short story as the fifth Aitenshi ! Her costume is like this. (Sorry about a small pic.^^;)

Story :
The Corps of Tukai-ma who were commanded by Ankoku-Maou(The King of Darkness) kidnaped Daisy, Lily and Salvia to lure and kill Wedding Peach! Momoko and (somehow) Hiromi rose up in Wedding-Jangler (motorcycle) to rescue captive Love Angels, without knowing that was trap! When Peach and Potamos face a crisis, Limone-Taicyou(Captain Limone) entered the stage, encouraged Love Angels! And.....
Sattchi-ma(as Sattchima XX) and Pluie (as Plupii *laughter*) appeared again!! ( Incidentally, Yanagiba was coffee shop keeper. ^_^)

Wedding Potamos
Fighter Potamos

You can see other pics of Angel Potamos & Hiromi Kawanami in
"Miyakos Anime und Manga Home-Page"