Q)How much were you involved in creating the Wedding Peach TV Series, did you also do some of the drawings of the sketches or have you had only controlling function?
A) Not so much. I gave the anime staff the original idea, that's all. And I didn't have the right of controlling function. (And didn't have such time) They--mainly Yuyama-director and Tomita Sukehiro(he was the chief scenario writer) made their own work with using  my manga as material. That's the reason they have a lots of difference.

I had designed some anime-characters when producer asked me( Sandra and his fellows, Igunisu, Blacky and Ranpo, they are my designs, I believe), but usually Kazuko Tadano and anime staff(Sayuri Ichiishi) did.
Q)Did you also work for the Wedding Peach OVA series Wedding Peach Dx? Did you make the story?
A) OVA is anime original completely. These story was written by Yuyama-director. OVA were made for male fans mainly.