Q)I was wondering if you, Nao-Yazawa Sama, make the MomoYome all by yourself ?  Or do you have others helping you too ?
A)Yes, I make this site by myself---with Homepage Builder(IBM). It's useful software.^_^
Q)Can you tell me something about "Momoyome Bangaichi"?
What is it exactly? A sort of fanfiction? I saw some beautiful images in it! But why Lily has a crab is his head?!(also the backing image with all the caracters is beautiful! Why don't you make a poster of it?^_^)
A) Momoyome-Bangaichi is some sort of parody("Aniparo" in Japanese) of Anime Wedding Peach which is made by us( Mami Tachibana and I ). We are making a story and a picture in relays, but it's an extremely silly and ridiculous story. That's the reason Lily( + Limone and Yousuke)got a crab on the head. As a matter of fact, It is difficult to explain that reason with my ability of English(^_^;;) --- because the story is very long and complicated. In addition, it's based on (Japanese) Anime story.

As for backing image, if you want to get clearer image, click here.( 165kb) Do you know all the characters in this picture?