Q) Why they have 2-Stage Transformation?

Why One of the feature of Wedding peach its 2-stage transformation of a Love Angel. However, most of Love Angels didn't show their skills under the wedding-dress-angel mode. All of Lily, Daisy, and Salvia seemed to have no ability to fight against devil without the second stage transformation. Therefore, I wonder why they couldn't directly transform into the fight-angel-mode? In the OVA, the process of transformation became relatively short and almost skipped the first stage of transformation. Was there any special consideration of the 2-stage transformation? Was that because the spell of transformation was "Wedding {Beautiful / Graceful / Attractive / Excellent } Flower", and Love Angels have to put on wedding dress to make it reasonable to have a wedding flower??
A)The reason - reasons are 2.

Frankly say, this is "Wedding" Peach. After all, the concept came from Wedding; girls love wedding and dresses (included wedding dresses of course. I know it could be issues, but true), so we wanted to add wedding/dress elements to magical fighter girls' manga/anime. The idea "fighting brides" were amusing, so we thought children enjoyed it simply and teenagers could be amused with it. And it's very good point to get the sponsor - a toy company. They could have sold 2 pattern cloths per one doll.

And the reason in the story is this. Love Angels, they need to gather the love power from the world to transform fighter angels, because they are not Angels but Love Angels.  And tell you what, in anime, you have to show the wedding dress figure enough time to children so that they enjoyed dresses. And they might have wanted to get dresses for their fighter angle outfit's dolls.

In the OVA, the target was different. Not children but grown-ups. So showing wedding dress is not so important anymore. The things which were required moved to the story, or sexy figures.

Q) About Momoko's Mother and Love Angels

In the 45th episode, Momoko's mother said that herself as well as the other "love angels", who were also given the name "Lily", "Daisy", and "Salvia", used to fight together. But, in my view, I think Peach and Momoko, Lily and Yuri, Daisy and Hina, they are just two different identities of a person. Momoko gets transformed into Love Angel, Wedding Peach, and meanwhile, Wedding Peach is Momoko herself. However, according to Momoko's mother, four Love Angel had already been existed but eventually passed away. When these for girls get transformed, means the reborn of these originally existed Love Angels. The power of Wedding Peach actually comes from Momoko's mother, not from Momoko herself, is this right? If so, how can Momoko's mother save Momoko from being attacked in that episode?
Or, there are old and new Love Angels, and Momoko's mother was one of the old Love Angels. After their power weakened, Aphrodite sent the Saint Something Four into the human world, who owns one of which could inherit the power of previous Love Angels, and this is why old and new angels have the same name??
A) Anime has some contusions and contradictions itself. I admit it.

If you've read manga, you knew how they are different. In manga, "Lily, Daisy and Salvia" who fought with
Celeste (Momoko's mom) were not the same person with Yuri, Hinagiku, Scarlet. All of three's bodies were destroyed and the soles fell down to human world, then they were re-born as humans.

The soles are same; they have the memory, but different body and different person (the outlook is exactly same, though ^^;). The legendry Love Angles are angels born into human world. They have special power pure angles don't have. This theory is only in manga, and Anime/Tomita version is different as you know.

In the anime, the definition of Love angel might be vague. Momoko's mother is pure angel and she is a sister of Aphrodite. I don't now why a goddess's sister can be an angel, but not another goddess - anyway she is. The anime could have some things doesn't make sense, but the staff didn't care...seems so, at least. All explanations from point of my view are shown in manga.

About anime? the whole story is directed Tomita Sukehiro. maybe he has the answer, but I didn't ask - or don't remember. I can't explain some part - simply don't know about it. I myself got confusion sometimes, you'll see some parts of these in my site, "Manga-Chabanashi/behind manga". If you read Japanese, I recommend to read the article of Wedding peach in Japanse Wiki. Itfs very informative.
Q) when you heard that there was going to be an anime about wedding peac how did you feel?
A) It was exciting news, so I was looking forward to the preview.
Q)Do you have any attacks or henshins available as movie clips? I would love to see them!
A) I don't have any Peach clips, but you can get many of them at Marie's Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach Realvideo Files. Enjoy them!!
Q) I read somewhere that in a special episode there's also a fifth angel! Who is that angel?
A) Perhaps, the story which you say may be "Ai Tenshi Sentai saigono tatakai"(The last battle of the squad of Love Angels ?? I'm not certain about "Sentai" =squad. It's something like a team for battle.) which was bonus of LDBOX#2. In that story, the fifth angel is Potamos, and this story is parody of Wedding Peach series in the same way as "Ai Tenshi Robo Wedding Peach". Funny and amusing story, I think so. These bonus stories is included in LD BOX and DVD BOX, but I don't know whether you can get them at the foreign country. Sorry.