Q) Were there any plans when planning Wedding Peach to make Momoko's hair or eyes a different color? Why did you select pink hair and blue eyes? (I like the hair and eye color for Momoko, by the way). =)
A) The answer is...Yes! There was a kind of test-drawing Momoko with yellow hair(blond). But Blond was not really good because...you know, don't you? Anyway, pink is in our mind in the first place. Momoko's name came from "peach", the flower is pink, and in Japanese, Momo-Iro(momo-color) means pink. Incidentally, Momo(Peach) is supposed to have holly power in China and Japan.
Q) I always wanted to know about Limone's pendant. Is/was there a history or a meaning for his necklace? .
A) Well...actually nothing . ^^;; Maybe the symbol of his position (The Great Angel) or something, I suppose.
But if the series was continued, I think we'd make the reason and an episode about it up.
Q) In manga, why momoko's hair is colored black? It looks too dark for her pink.hair.
A) At first, my image was white (or gray; with screen tone) because, as you said, her hair color was pink. I thought one of three girls should have black hair for balance. The one I was thinking was Hinagiku because her hair was short unlike others.. , But the chief editor said,"The hair of heroine and hero should be black !"I was surprised, but everyone agreed with his opinion--so do I.I tried to short-hair version of Momoko, because black-long -downy -hair makes the picture plane too dark (and the painting was too much trouble!) . But the image was rejected by staffs. (I also think long hair is better, but blak...*laugh*)
Q) Is there any manga/anime you loved or still do love ^^? >as much as I love Wedding Peach
A)There are many manga I loved and love;
Shotaro Ishinomori's work (Cyborg 009, June, for instance) Osamu Tezuka(Black Jack etc.) Tetsuya Chiba(Ashita no Jo)...recently, I like some of Naoki Urasawa's works.(like "Monster") I have too many to chose one. But maybe you can say Shotaro Ishinomori is the one who gave me the biggest influence. I was really into in his works in my early teens. =D
Q)how old were you when you published your first manga and how long did it take to become a real manga-ka?
A)24-5 years old, I believe. And it took 2 years since I decided I try it. But of course I've drawn manga for long time....since 13 years old.
Q)Which one is your favorite Ai Tenshi?
A) I love all of them, but when I must choose one, the Ai Tenshi is Salvia. She made deeply impressions on me, such as her spirit of independence and loneliness. Besides,  I think that we should have described her more. I feel regret about that a little.
Q)Where does the idea to create Potamos came from? I really LOVE and HATE her, she is very crazy!
A) She was created by Tomita-san. He said, "The girl who is cute, cruelty, and temperamental is very attractive, isn't she? What do you think?"  I agreed on that immediately. ^^
Q) Where did you take the inspiration for Momoko? >From a real girl?!
A) Momoko doesn't have any model. She is a product of our imagination completely. We did our best to make her as cute and kind as possible about both the appearance and the heart. The efforts succeeded,--- right?