Q) What do you think about the eternal fight between wedding peach and sailor moon??
A) Well...if someone hate Wedding Peach, he can show his opinion. He has the right.
 I don't deny Wedding Peach have many points which are very similar to Sailor Moon. One reason is Wedding Peach has Tomita Sukehiro as original idea writer. He was the chief script-writer of Sailore Moon anime (same, in WeddingPeach). He used some similar ideas in both anime(and scripts of manga). And Tadano Kazuko, she designed character of both anime. In spite of that, they have lots of different point, such as characters, human relations, the theme, etc. I myself tried to make it different.They are in same genre, but I didn't intend to make something like Sailor moon.  I admire Sailor moon because the work is the first one combine 2  genres; magical-girls anime and group hero.  Read my Interview (by Shiori: The mistress of Peach Tree and Passionate) for more information.