About Wedding Peach
Yazawa Nao's personal site Another my Wedding Peach site

My other sits. Come and look there! ^_^

Brook's Wedding Peach (and Limone) site. Very informatical and fun! I do a little help, check it! ;)
Wedding Peach Pink site in Hongkong.. Cantonese & English
ˆ€“VŽg™B?‰ρ‰―? Hongkong's lovely site! ^_^
The Peach Tree BannerIf you want to learn more about Wedding Peach, there is The Peach Tree. This is the great site which you should check!
Currently closed
Passionate Another site from the mistress of The Peach Tree. It's focused on Salvia-Scarlet!
Miaka Home Page Fushigi Yuugi-Wedding Peach

Italian site.
馓VŽgΰμεQ›P/VALKYRIE 's WP site(Taipei)
Chinese site. If you don't read
Chinese, don't worry ! It has a lot of images!

Dennis' Cel Gallery

Both of the sites have a lot of cels ! Amazing !( ^o^ )
A VOICE APART: Ueda Yuuji Voice actor Yuji(Yuuji) Ueda's( Yosuke, in Wedding Peach)fan-site. Full of good information!!
The TechnoGirls Wedding Peach Page Very useful information.
Nyanko's Homepage Wedding Peach Link (Japanese)
This site is in Japanese, but it has a lot of rare images! Especially the image of Peach doll is lovely ! And if you read Japanese, it gives you many interesting information!! closed now
The Others
Tachibana Mami no Manga Bangai-chi My friend Mami Tachibana's website. She draw Wedding Peach in Shogaku Yonensei(monthly magazine for 10 year old children)