Momoko's pet. His word is very polite and childish(for instance, "dechupii"). On the other hand, he is surprisingly strong though he has a cute face.^^ (See Anime #22)
Voice: Matsumoto Miwa
Birthdate: 15/Dec.
: Hukuoka-ken
: A
Forte: "I can walk at a speed which is different from the others."
(i.e. she doesn't walk as fast as the others. ^^;)

(Japanese pronunciation: Ahurodeite)
She is always tired. (Because she uses her love power to protect angel world during the attacks of Devils.
Momoko's Auntie
Voice: Hyodo Mako
Birthdate: 7/Sep.
: Tokyo
: A
Forte: a riding
Expressions /New

Celeste(Japanese pronunciation: Seleeso)
Rip van Win-kle. Anyway she was sleeping always .(^_^;)
Momoko's Mother. Now then, what kind of person is Momoko's grandmother, on earth ...?

Voice: Suzuka Chiharu

Pistil & Etamine

(Japanese pronunciation: Pisutelu & Etamiinu)

It's French. Pistil and stamen.
A grudge was borne against them by the woman(Averse/Reine Devila) whom they have never seen.
And that grudge triggered war. Oh, my...

Reine Devila/Averse)
(Japanese pronunciation: Rein Debira/Averusu)
She is complacent. The cause of the war was the grudge of love. OH MY...
(Averse is French. shower)
Voice: Doi Mika
Birthdate: 4/Aug.
: Miyagi-ken
: O
Forte: Nichibu(Japanese dance)
Expressions /New

(Japanese pronunciation: Pulyui)
He is still supposed to keep wandering in the whirlpool.
"He lost his memory, and appears in the human world again ( he was renamed Amamiya Hiromasa, grows a flower in the seaside), and ----he fell in love with Scarlet..... " That is the story which Tomita-san made, but it wasn't
Voice: Yao Kazuki

Expressions /New

Voice: Hukami Rika
Aquelda (Aqueluda) Suima (Water devil), Aqua tribe
Money, money,money. She loves money so much, so came to Human-world to get much money. Why? How can she use Japanese-money in Devil world ???
Don't ask me, who knows? *laugh*
Voice: Hukami Rika
Epressions /New

Sandra (with donna)
(Japanese pronunciation: Sandora & Donna)
Weak, weak...sigh.
It was only 6 weeks( 6 episodes) that he could be active. Besides---His desperate attack was defeated by Jyamapii.

Donna- Oya Ikue


(Japanese pronunciation: Igunisu)

A young nobleman in Akuma-Kai. But...he became strongly "Takurou-Love"(I love Takurou) ^^; Strange man. Terribly strange.^^ Very funny.
The end of his life was very pitiful.
Iguneous is Latin.

Voice: Seki Tomokazu

Potamos (Japanese pronunciation: Potamosu)
She is very, very, very cute! She is selfish and cruel, but she is still very lovely! It depends on voice actress, Mituishi kotono.(Sailor Moon, you know) She is wonderful. If you have any chance, you should see Wedding Peach in Japanese. Strongly recommended.

Potamos is Greek. Meaning is river.

Her favorite phrase "Mitai-na" which meaning is "something like that".

Voice: Mitsuishi Kotono