Episode 3.4
OVA Wedding Peach DX
WeddingPeach DX video package: rental only
Momoko and the postcard
Did you realize Kyoko Hikami ( voice actress : as Momoko)'s name was on ending credit? (as animator) She really wrote the postcard which Momoko wrote to Yousuke.

"Oh No!! Why did you remove men's memory?"
Because it is the fate of the male characters of this anime.---No, just kidding. The real reason is the main target of these OVA is a man. So the Director and Producer insisted on that a male character's active scene was unnecessary. What a shame!
But the art is very high quality. Strongly recommended.

A secret subtitle( i.e. A temporary subtitle..?) "Pantu Mietemo Tatakau-wa ! " Meaning is...^_^;;

How does Scarlet get money for her living costs? She goes to expensive boarding school, belongs riding club... she must need money.
---It's deep, deeply mystery. ^_^;
Wedding Peach series has lots of mysteries, ...you know?
But Producer insisted that she must have part-time job. (laughter ^ ^ )

Look for the girl !
When you watched ending of OVA, did you notice one of them had different appearance?Well, if you didn't, look at the following picture carefully. Get it?
Unfortunately, this is a very small picture. But I suppose you must realize her, if you are Wedding Peach fan.
a mole under the eye is ....