Momoko & Yousuke's Room

These images are some of them which were drawn as answer to the question of readers while Wedding Peach ran in Chiao magazine.

It's exactly Momoko's room(in manga) *laugh*

Momoko"How do you think? Lovely, isn't it?

Jama-P's dream lover is what's like?

Jama-P: Something like this. But, but the best is Peach-chama P!

Though Momoko eats many things every night befor bed (Manga vol.4 38P) she doesn't get fat. Why?

Momoko: Because I always fight for love so hard, I need a lot calories !

Hinagiku: Anyway, don't you think she is a bit fatter than us?
Yuri: Well, I think you are right.
Yousuke: But her boobs is small.
Momoko: HEY!!

Why doesn't Pluie attack on Momoko during her transform?

He can't do anything because he gapes at this.....

Jama-P : Oh my... Master Pluie, you are pathetic-P. hanky-panky...

Haha Just kidding, sorry!

Q) What kind of girl Yanagiba-senpai's type?

Ynagiba: Well....a girl who is ladylike and intellectual is very nice...but at the same time, someone who is cheerful and active is also cute....I can't make up my mind.

Yuri: It's me, isn't it?
Hinagiku: I knew it ! Me!

Yosuke: In short, you welcome everytype...don't you?

Yousuke's childhood

Q) When did he start to learn soccer?

He had been in the local football club since the school child. At first his position was FWD, but he very often had a scuffle with his opponents, so...

Little Momoko
Q) When Momoko was a nursery school student, what did she look like?

Momoko "Like this. A cute and pretty little girl ! "

Yousuke "Nothing changes. You never grow up !"