Scarlet Ohara/ Angel Salvia
(Sorry, I don't have her whole body picture which she put on school uniform.)

images / Scarlet : Salvia

Nov 03. 1981(Self-professed)

Junior high school 2 (age 13-14)
(OVA : Junior high 3)
Height Weight three measurements
162cm, 42kg / 83, 57, 85 (cm)
Favorite Subject
English & Math
Least Favorite Subject
Japanese & Japanese History
(Why? Because she is returnee students . [from U.S.]
Yes, I know she is pure angel. but, in the manga, she is a human and has her family. Japanese Father and American mother. At first, she was returnee even in anime, but It was changed later.)
Favorite Food
Pizza &Lasagna
Favorite Color
Favorite Thing (hobby)
Family (Tenshi-Kai)
Father : Butler (commander)
mother: Vivian (Fortuneteller)
Younger Brother: Lee(soldier. death in action)
It wasn't mentioned in this story at all.
Family (Ningen-Kai) None

Voice: Imai Yuka
Birthdate: 19/Sep.
Birthplace: Shizuoka-ken
Bloodtype: O

Yes, Scarlet Ohara comes from Scarlet O'Hara. But Ohara is common Japanese's family name. Meaning? "O" means "small"(roughly) "Hara" means "field, plain". Very *plain* name, unlike other girl's.

Her name was born like this : Salvia--scarlet sage--scarlet--Scarlet O'Hara--Scarlet Ohara.