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NOZOMI-希- 58P all colored 800yen
Out of printed. New printed version (personal edition, slightly different from PLEX edition- without ISBN) is avairable.

This manga is the first one I made for English readers. It was not easy because I'm not used to Western style. Besides, I had to paint all pages!! @_@ Anyway, I enjoyed it (it was quite tough work, though). So, now your turn! I hope you enjoy this story! ^^


Story(Editorial Reviews):
a shy young girl whose life changes the day she wishes on a falling star. Her wish is unexpectedly granted but not in the way she expected. A playful demon comes to Earth to teach her about love… the hard way. (I doubt if the heroine is shy...^^;)

Read first 9 pages of NOZOMI at Tachiyomi-kan!

If you are interested, you can DL PDF file with Japanese dialogue here. NOZOMI_Japanese.pdf

I wonder if you are interested with these pictures....they show you how I make manga!

Some images for CM and drawingApr.12

2 rough sketches Feb.29

Kindle eddition is avairable too, 99 yen, cheap! :D

NOZOMI -wish- (Shojo Manga) by Nao Yazawa
NOZOMI -wish- (Shojo Manga) 
by Nao Yazawa 

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