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is very different from my commercial work like Wedding Peach. Both the story and drawing are serious, dark and violent. Maybe I'd better to warn you that it has many cruel scenes--such as rapes, murders, "flesh-eating".... , especially vol.1-3. (I was young! *lol*) But I drew the scenes in sincere--the story need such scenes to make the personality of character.

vol.8back cover Kure & AzusaThe Story:
In 199X, an unknown disease infection spread in Kanto area after a big earthquake. It was a a biological weapon which the maker was set free by an accident. The second big earthquake made the disease spread out the area. Then ... the area was isolated by Japanese Government, to prevent the infection from spreading and hide the bio weapons development program. One years later, more than half part of the area became to be in hand of someone called "Emperor".

Tetsu, he was a 12-year-old boy when the earthquake occurred and one of the surviving children. He became the leader of the children's group, and they fought to survive in the Kanto region which turned into the world where the weak are victims of the strong . What happened to the outside of the Kanto district? Why did nobody come here to rescue them? Where does this disease come? When he lost his friends one after another, he determined to go to outside from the Kanto district to get the truth. Now, in vol.12 (Chapter 3), Tetsu is 18 years old.

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The meaning of "Shinku Chitai" is "The Vacuum Zone", in literally. But the meaning I put in it is more like "The Isolated Zone". So I titled like this in English. In fact, the title I was thinking at the first was "Kakuri-Chitai"( "The Isolated Zone, in Japanese) . But I changed my mind because of a novel.

It is a famous novel, written by Hiroshi Noma-- titled "Shinku-Chitai". (It was made into a movie in 1952) The novel is about Imperial Japanese Army (During World War U), and the protagonist called army's barracks "Shinku-Chitai", because it was the world of violence and completely separated from outside both mental(molal) and physical.

The story doesn't have any similarity with mine, but in that point, I thought the title of "Shinku-Chitai" is a match for my story. Besides, it sounds cooler than "Kakuri Chitai".

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I got and made the basic idea during my class of university, when I was a freshman. (The class was sooo boring! *lol*) I kept the idea for a while, until one of my friend asked me to join her "Dojinshi" plan. I made the idea a short story manga and contributed it to the book, "Mumu-u" vol.1.
When we decided to make "vol.2", I made it a long story and drew the series for it. Eventually the dojin-shi ended by vol.5, but I couldn't finish the story, of course. In that time, I had some readers already, and I myself had a passion for it, so I decided to continue it by myself. The story became unexpectedly long (I had thought I could meet the end by vol.5 or 6), and there were several breaks because of my job, but with a luck, I've somehow continued it till now.

The last chapter - 3rd- ended in Vol.12. And the story is concluded. Can be more side stories, Could be chapter 4, ...though.