谷沢直のまんが番外地/Yazawa Nao no Manga Bangai-chi
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Hi ! My name is Nao Yazawa. I'm a Japanese manga-ka,
and one of the creators of Wedding Peach. There are many pages
where you can get images and info about my works. Enjoy! ^_^、

My Dojinshi's mail order has started.
FB/Twitter . FBpage . FBpage(Japanese) Dojinshi mail order
manga bangaichi Main site. About my works(include Wedding Peach), reports of manga-conventions, dojin-shi, etc. About "Moon and Blood", the work I'm on is here, too.
momoyome Annex "Wedding Peach reference library", in a way. Merchandise, cel-manga, and my manga which they aren't not included in Japanese Tankobon...
momoyome All about Wedding Peach(Manga & Anime). Images,manga(tankobon/paperback), info, fanarts, ...etc. [English]
Tachiyomi-kan Read (see?) some beginning parts of my manga and dojinshi in this site.
MANGA How to draw If you are interested in "the way I make manga", or manga-tools, visit here!

Guest Book Forum (English) Please tell me if you find a broken link ! ^_^

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