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A shy young girl whose life changes the day she wishes on a falling star. Her wish is unexpectedly granted but not in the way she expected....

NOZOMI is my first manga specially made for English readers. I hope it's not the last.*laugh*

This book has some blank balloons. you can get the "missing lines" here. ;-)
It's published in US from Fanboy.ISBN: 0-9679832-2-3

Mizuki is a 14-year-old girl. She wanted to live as a ordinary girl, but her destiny didn't allow her having such a life. Because she is descended from Oni(monster/Demon) called by the name of "Mizuki", she must fight against evil monsters and spirits in cooperation with Sekito who has the power which seals the Monsters.

But she hates to transform....because of the shape. She tries to avoid transforming, but her partner Sekito is so cunning, and....

MIZUKI-part1 MIZUKI-part2
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PANTHER ƒItadaki! Panther„@Read
This is my very first manga which I run monthly manga magazine.

You can read the first 10 pages here. ^^
It's in Japanese, though...(Sorry)
Check more detail at Manga Bangaichi "works", if you not yet. ^^

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Kyuketsuki ni Goyoujin! (Vampire)

This work is a antetype of "Kyuketsukini Goyojujin", which is my first work for PyonPyon, Girls monthly magazine from Syogakukan. the work was made for a rookie competition and lose it,. But after my debut, a editor of Pyon Pyon suggested to rewrite it for the magazine.

Pyon Pyon version is in Nao Yazawa Collection 03 as "Vampire". The both work is based on same concept, but there are many differences.

If you have the book, why don't you make a comparison? Which is your taste? I'm curious. :)

part1 part2
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Nao Yazawa Collection 03

ISBN: 3770462424