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09. Jan. 1
Nozomi complete version at Girls
08. Mar. 3
New(my very early work) manga at Boys
05. Aug. 6
Shinku-chitai Vol.7&8: in Others
05. Aug. 6
Shinku-chitai Vol.7&8: in Others
04. Feb. 22
New manga at Girls and Others/Announcement of prizewinner(Puzzle)
03. 12.22
New puzzle. Try it, and get my original painting! ^^
03. 8.18
"Nozomi" English version and "missing lines"/ Girls
03. 8.4
Add 3 manga at "Girls". And announce a winner of puzzle.
2003. 7.15
Anyway I did it somehow....New site again! However there is no manga to read, I hope you enjoy some images and a puzzle. Is it easy? At least I don't think so...good luck!